Onthemoor.com created this website for many different reasons.  First and foremost, we feel that our community has the opportunity of contributing and being informed about local issues.  We invite you to get to know what's going on in Heaton Moor and the surrounding areas.  We hope that the community will recognise the importance of this website and continue to call back and share their knowledge with matters relating to the area. 

Our website, with your help, will be updated on a regular basis to ensure that the most current information is available.  Onthemoor.com provides information that will be of interest to residents, businesses and persons interested in our community.

How to contribute?  Join our Forum or email us - we need your help to make onthemoor.com grow.

We hope you enjoy this website and get involved in your community.  Our goal is to create a website that all members of the community will enjoy.  Finally, we hope that his website will provide entertainment and interest.

Please visit us often.

Working for a Better Community.


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